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STANTA tours

The 13th and 14th saw tours organised of the Stanford Training area (STANTA) which was appropriated by the war department in 1942. The trip were organised by KC Jones from Watton Sport Centre, who, in a previous life ran the range from 1992-2002 when he left the regular army. Buses picked us up from the Sport Centre and delivered us to West Tofts camp for a briefing by the commandant and we then set off on the 2 and a half hour tour of the site. First stop was St. Marys church West Tofts. In 1942 the church was closed and its fittings were scattered about the country. Over the years much of the original fixtures and fittings, including most of the stained glass windows, have been recovered... The next couple of hours took us through check points Forward Operating Bases (FOB) and training villages to simulate environments such as Iraq, Afghanistan and originally Germany and Northern Ireland. At various points we were allowed off the bus to experience what the troops training there actually get to see first hand and KC explained how the training would be conducted and the rationale. When finished the tour at the point where the opening and closing sequences for Dads army were filmed before making our way back to Watton. It was very informative and interesting to get to see military establishments on our doorstep not normally available to the public due to it being a live firing range.


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