• Joyce Knight


The yesteryear days bring thoughts to mind

when folk were sociable, good and kind

even through the war we survived with a smile

clothing coupons, ration books were all a trial.

We had air raid shelters, gas masks, and Doodle Bugs too.

but people were caring, loving and true

was it the war and old fashioned ways

that made life fuller in those dark days?

Walking the lanes many years ago

there was no heavy traffic and life was slow

cycling was a pleasure and I covered many miles

gathering blackberries and climbing stiles

scrumping apples and speeding on my bike

no hands on the bars was sheers delight.

How lovely to know I was a sprightly thing

a joy to laugh and wonderful songs to sing,

years pass by, life changes, not always for the best

people forget to smile and have no words of jest.

much love is missing in this day and age

it is speed, drink and drugs that are all the rage

so living on our memories we folk that are old

along with our sad ones and those that are gold.


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